Monday, November 09, 2009

Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 Family Tragedy: Ng Chee Kiang, Xavier Ng Wei Yi, Cheryl Ng Shi Hui

Yet another tragedy struck in our homeland right after the incident of bridegroom Vernon Leong who was found dead mysteriously at the foot of the hotel of after his Chinese Wedding Dinner.

This time round, a father of two, Ng Chee Kiang, burnt his house, killing his young children Xavier Ng Wei Yi and Cheryl Ng Shi Hui before jumping off his unit on the 12th storey of his apartment and plunged to his death! His wife was away at the time of him committing this insane act and when she came back to find her house burnt and her children were dead, the wife fainted out of shock and sadness! It was learnt that the couple was not on speaking term and were arranging for divorce.

I was immensely angry at what Ng has committed! How could he kill his own defenceless young children? If he were to settle some of his personal problems, he could have just shoulder the problem himself, how could he kill his own children? He was such a merciless beast!

I believe Ng's act was to cause his wife to lose everything, including her two young children. It was one of the worst things a sane man could do to his family!

The police is still investigating the case as well as the motive of Ng. Evening papers today are having a field day, speculating the reasons for Ng's act, with some suggestion as third parties and loan sharks. I do not really like the mass media to play up whenever such tragedies occur, just give the poor bereaving family some peace to move on and not to hype up news possibly for revenue purposes.

More report here.

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