Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The movie,many including me are highly anticipating,"2012" will make its debut come this Thursday on Singapore screen.

This will be yet another blockbuster which centres around Doomsday.

12 Dec 2012 will mark the end of the Mayan calender and this date is believed to be the end of the world. This movie has its plot centred around this date.

If 12 Dec 2012 is really the end of the world, then it is just slightly more than 3 years to the end of the world! And we must really live our lives to the fullest now!

Anyway, this doomsday theory does not bother me as I have always lived life to the fullest, and have always perservanced against all odds and all nonsenical people.

I will catch the show "2012", looking at the trailer, Doomsday can be indeed frightening. If it were to come, it will come, do not worry about it.

Just two or three months ago, 8 secondary students from a local secondary school who were firm believers in doomsday theory had struck a mass suicide pact, to commit suicide and reincarnate themselves as slayers of demons for judgement day. That sad episode resulted in the deaths of 2 of the students as they plunged from a high storey of a flat while the rest of their friends backed off.

I believe one day, the world will really come to an end, possibly due to the death of the sun (as the sun completes its combustion), some plantary collisions or due to a mass nuclear and biological war waged by man against man. When would that be, I do not know, but I have already heard the calls of our mother earth saying that "enough is enough". As a result of man's activites, either directly or indirectly, man is witnessing an unprecedented wave of natural disasters which is more frequent as well as the emergence of newer and stranger diseases never seen before in the past of human history (think of H1N1, SARs....).

No matter how clever and intelligent man is, he is always at the mercy of the wrath of mother nature as well as the natural forces of the universe, the environment man operates in. Man does also have to fight a pernnenial battle against viruses.

Okay, the above 3 paragraphs do not in anyway relate to the movie, they are just my thoughts. For more information of "2012", visit: http://www.whowillsurvive2012.com/

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