Sunday, October 18, 2009

Unbearably Hot in Singapore!

The picture above shows some photos of what greets Singaporeans everyday: The Sun.

Why am I writing this post today? Well, I have been suffering from EXTREMELY HOT local weather for the past few weeks!

It is okay during weekdays when I am holed up in air-conditioned offices, save for the going out at lunches when I have to face the blazing hot sun. However on weekends, when I stay at home more, the very hot weather that envelops Singapore is really unbearable!

How unbearable it is? Well it is so unbearable that I take two naps as the heat makes me so drowsy. If you guess correctly, I do not have an air-conditoner at home and the fans which I operate at full blast, though help to create some coolness but nevertheless, the heat one feel even at home is really much more intense!

I can experience heat but not heat coupled with high humidity! Singapore has a hot and very humid climate. When I was in Japan one month ago, the UV there was strong and it was hot but I did not complain for there is low humidity and I also do not sweat. However here in Singapore, one could sweat very easily. I have seen so frequently executives drenched in sweat from the early morning walk to the bus stops and MRT stations.

This is one thing that I do not like about Singapore which is the over-friendly Sun! As a country, it would be great to experience the different wondeers of the 4 seasons. However being in Asia, just 1 degree north of equator, our country has no choice when it comes to our climate.

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