Monday, October 12, 2009

Tau Huay (Beancurd) in Singapore

If you were to google on the “Best Tau Huay (Beancurd) in Singapore ”, there are high chances that you would be advised that the accolade would go to the beancurd shops in Geylang, that notorious swathe of land which is the world-infamous red light district renowned for its crime, sex and food. I did that aforementioned check on Google and two names came to my radar: Yong He eating house Tau Huay as well as Rochor Beancurd House.

Rochor Beancurd House is touted to sell the Best Tau Huay in Singapore while there are others who confer the award to Yong He eating house Tau Huay, though a majority still favored Rochor Beancurd House. My Wife and I have eaten Rochor Beancurd House Tau Huay, and it was really Great! We have not eaten the Tau Huay from Yong He eating house and there we went, last Saturday all the way to Geylang on a fiery-hot afternoon, just to taste the Tau Huay from this shop!

We managed to locate Yong He eating house somewhere between Lorong 27 and Lorong 29 of Geylang. The store consisted of a number of stalls, all manned by Chinese PRCs. There was a few people at the store and it might be a telling sign of the quality of food. Or was it a wrong timing as night time is more vibrant for coffeeshops there with the old lecherous uncles and their flocks of streetwalkers in their arms.

We ordered a bowl of Tau Huay each at $1.20, coupled with a fried doughstick sold at $1. The fried doughstick was really crispy and it went well with the Tau Huay! And now the most important revelation as to how does the Tau Huay from this store stacks up against Rochor’s? Well, both my wife and I found the Tau Huay typical of what is sold elsewhere and is really not a match for Rochor’s as the latter’s Tau Huay is really very very smooth and flowing.

Haiz, somemore the store charges GST, which angered me a little though I am not sure whether Rochor charges GST too.

So now, I confer the award of MY Singapore Best Tau Huay to Rochor’s unless one day I eat some other Tau Huay which is better than Rochor’s. Fair enough?

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