Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Singapore Seafood

Tonight's topic revolves around Singaporeans' favorite pastime: eating and the theme of today's food: seafood.

Singapore has a number of places where one can try a sumptous seafood dinner but to me, there is no better place to enjoy seafood than East Coast Park.

East Coast Park boasts, in my knowledge, 4 seafood restaurants. There is a cluster of 3 seafood restaurants: The Little Red House, Long Beach Seafood and No Signboard located close to the Ski 360 park. The other restaurant is another Long Beach Seafood located on the other side of the park.

Why do I enjoy eating seafood at East Coast Park? Well, needlessly to say, the reasons are clear and evident: great night breezes and magnificient sea view which double enhance the joys of tucking in a great meal!

I ate seafood at East Coast only on special occassions and thus I ate no less than 10 times at East Coast Seafood restaurants hitherto. The seafood meals are also more expensive by nature.

I learnt how much cheaper plain water at one of these restaurants costs when I told the waiter I wanted lime juice for my wife and our siblings. Lime juice quenches thirst easily to my knowledge and the four of us were super thristy upon arrival at the restaurant then.

The lime juice came and I was horrified to learn it is something that is very simple to make. Get a small lime fruit, squeeze it into a glass of cold water and then you can say for yourself some good money..... as I foot the tab for 4 such glasses of lime juice at the end of the meal: $14!

Wow, $14 can buy 8 or more 1.5 litres of soft drinks which will last so many meals. But alas, this is restaurant standards. Luckily we did not order any more "lime juices" for the rest of the meals and just stick to free flow of plain water which is really free of charge.

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