Saturday, October 03, 2009

Singapore Moon Cake Festival 09

Today is moon cake festival! How time flies, another year has gone in a flash!

Just a year ago, I remembered playing with my then-girlfriend who is now my wife in a neighbourhood park (playing with lanterns la, what are you thinking of??) and we even attended a mooncake festival in Chinese Garden, and all was very fun! Actually, it can be fun this year too as my wife has earlier asked me whether to carry lanterns once again... hmm, so sorry, I have to spoilt the fun, as I find it a little boring la, I apologized to her for my boredom, and maybe to the whole of Singapore for being a wetblanket ... anyway, I just wanna rest after a long overseas tour.

Talking about mooncake celebrations, where is the lantern festival at Chinese Gardens this year? There is none this year, probably because of the economic downturn, which is quite true, considering that a number of events are not held this year, one of which I remembered very clearly is the National Day Firework Festivals. Anyway, if you would live to relive the very romantic, exciting and wonderful moments of the Lantern Festival last year, just click on the "Mooncake Festivals" label at the bottom of this post and you will witness the magic again!

Anyway, today being the 15th of the 8th Lunar Month of the Chinese Calender is an auspsicious day when families get together, indulge in mooncakes, drink some tea and point to the moon and remark how round the moon is. But is the moon always round, if you think so, look at this photo:

Alamak, you may shout, why such an eerie moon on this year moon cake festival? Has the recent wave of earthquakes which rattled the islands of Indonesia, coupled with some heavy typhoons wreck havoc on the moon as well? Do not worry, the moon is still perfect, just that I took this photo of the moon back in Hokkaido during my tour a week ago. As Hokkaido is near the northern pole, it is not too strange to witness a half vertical moon

Tonight is a good night to spend with your family, eat some good moon cakes and bond with your family and loved ones, just like what I do, spending great time with my parents, siblings and wife. Enjoy the night, enjoy your moon cakes, and a Happy Mooncake Festival!

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