Saturday, October 31, 2009

IMEI Number

Mobile phones have grown to be indispensable to our life. It is common these days to witness Singaporeans having not one, but two to three mobile phones and conveniently upgrading them with the latest models on the market on a whim.

While mobile phone owners may be versed or expert when it come to using the myriad of functions on their mobile phones, one piece of vital information mobile owners might not be aware of is the IMEI number of their handphone.

IMEI stands for 'International Mobile Equipment Identity number ' and this number is particularly useful if your mobile phone gets misplaced, lost, or stolen as you can inform the the network provider who can then put the IMEI on a shared database to stop this particular phone from registering on any network, eliminating attempts by anyone to use the phone.
With so many personal contact information and data stored on the ubiquitious mobile phone, you do not your phone to fall into the wrong hands, thus write down your IMEI number now!
To retrieve your IMEI number from your phone, simply dial: *#06# on your phone!

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