Thursday, October 08, 2009

History of Singapore

"The Second Decade", a historical exhibition launched by the National Archive of Singapore has now made its round at Illuma Shopping Mall in Bugis till 13 Oct 09.
I was at the mall tonight, looking at the various exhibition panels tracing the paths Singapore's forefathers have taken to bring Singapore to modern day success!
The First decade 1965 t0 1975 was about Singapore finding its path to Survive, the Second decade 1975 to 1985 was about how Singapore finds its path to Succeed, the exhibition noted.
Singapore has indeed come a long way to what it is today! Singapore does have its modern day challenges which I believe, in my opinion, is summed up in one word: Identity.
How do Singaporeans, especially the young see themselves as Singaporeans and not a part of the globalised, cosmopolitican and online world, even amidst the background of an increasing number of foreign citizens in Singapore, especially to be 1 million and more who are coming to this country in droves, and in many Singaporeans' points of view, vying with them for housing and jobs?
Indeed the identity and rootedness of young Singaporeans may be a point of concern. Many young citizens these days become netizens, and see themselves more and more of Facebookers, bloggers, msners and more.
The Internet is Powerful, it has me and many thousands of Singaporeans in embrace everyday, it is timely that young people jolt back to reality and do their parts for Singapore.
For more information of the exhibition, visit the following link:

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