Saturday, October 17, 2009

Frog Porridge

Geylang is famed for its great food. One of these delicacies is Frog Porridge.

My wife and I passed a stall selling frog porridge and other frog-related dishes in Geylang last week. I seldom eat frog parts though I have heard that eating frogs will help to detoxify the blood and makes one run faster! I am not sure how true is that: is this a belief or a fact?

Many people consume 'unconventional' food due to certain beliefs they have. China Chinese eat monkey's brain thinking it would help them become clever. Some men have also eaten the penis of bull etc thinking it would help them in their sexual prowess! These may all just be thwarted beliefs and not facts and these poor animals are unnecessarily sacrificed for food!

My Dear and I watched sadly at the bags of frogs inside the bags outside the stall, all being packed like sardines with not much breathing spaces around. They move around helplessly and it is sad to know that they will land in the stomachs of man soon.

I eat meat and vegetables, I am no vegetarian.You can say if I empathise and sympathise with the frogs, then why not the cows, chickens, fish, goats and ducks, which are slaughtered for human consumption? I should have watched that and feel guility and sad too. Or be a vegatarian now.
My beliefs is that while certain animals are necessary to be sacrificed to feed humans, man should not touch other undomestic and 'unconventional domestic animals' like bears, whales, sharks, monkeys for food. Also treating the dosmetic animal with dignity before their slaughter should be a practice by the slaughterers or slaughtering houses. It is the least we man can do.

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