Sunday, October 04, 2009

Brightest Moon in 100 years

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Did you see it- The Moon, yesterday night?

Befitting the mid-autumn festival yesterday night, the moon was at its brightest yesterday night in 100 years! Great if you have seen it for yesterday night, the skies over Singapore were cloudy as the dark clouds, accompanied by intermittent rain, have cast a pall over the usually bright moon on the night of mid autumn, obscuring the glory of the moon in its fullest for Singapore.

However, the clouds casted away after midnight, so I believe you would be able to see the moon if you are awake after midnight yesterday and if the skies over your locality in Singapore are clear by then or you may have been wakened by the moonlight too!

Our friends in regions of China have seen the brightest moon in 100 years, unobstructed, which are Great for them. It must be a one-in-a-hundred years opportunity to witness a moon so bright yesterday night while indulging on the great mooncakes as well, accompanied by your loved ones!

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