Thursday, October 01, 2009

Singapore Mooncakes

Mooncake festival is just two days away (3 oct 09), have you bought your mooncakes already?

If not, and if budget is not your constraint, you may want to drop by Ngee Ann City to 'shop' for the mooncakes you love amidst the slew of different offerings there!

My wife and I have tasted a number of these offerings at the atrium and there are indeed many flavours of mooncakes these days: durians, green tea, mango, cheese, XO, blue berry, ice cream, besides the traditional flavours.

Prices for many of these mooncakes are not cheap as they are from the established hotels and confectionaries. A typical box of 4 durian mooncakes sells at $48 or so.

After tasting a number of these mooncakes, my wife and I still preferred the traditional-flavored mooncakes. No doubt, the durian paste in the durian mooncakes are great but with the price for the box of mooncakes, one can buy quite a number of baskets of durians and eat till satiation! Same theory goes for those mango and newer flavour mooncakes, one may just use that amount to buy the actual fruit and eat to one heart's contentment.

Anyway, this is my take on the newer-flavoured mooncakes, you may still wish to buy them, eat them and enjoy them... Happy Mooncake Festival !

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