Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Which shop sells the cheapest computer, IT and camera products in Singapore?

Okay, I know that I am supposed to be on exile from my blog as I have declared on my post yesterday, however with still some free time on my hand, I decided to do some blogging before I go for my overseas trip with my Honey Wife soon!

Today, my Wife and I went to Sim Lim Square to get some IT gadgets for our overseas trip. When it comes to Sim Lim Square, one must be discerning, shrewd enough, learn how to bargain, learn how to compare prices across shops for although Sim Lim Square is famed for its wide repository of computer, camera and IT products in Singapore, there are lots of 'dynamics' in the way different shops offer their pricing and products to customers.

Just take for example, a camera memory card we asked around on the first storey, the typical price was $57 bucks or so, when we went up to the fifth storey, the price we were quoted was $31! Imagine if we just asked around the first level, we would be charged some $26 more!

Since attending the recent COMEX fair with my wife, I have come to learn of a shop called Best Bargains Computer Pte Ltd and I must say that this shop offers to me the lowest price of memory cards and some other IT gadgets, much much lower than the other stores in Sim Lim Square.

Today, the store sited at the fifth storey did not disappoint me yet again as I received some great prices and received some good savings once again.

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