Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Teachers’ Day

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It just feels like an ordinary Tuesday to me. Only when I read the newspapers an hour ago, did I realise that today is Teachers' Day.

Well, what is the big deal about this day, you may ask: If you are not a student, then today is not a holiday for you and hence why should you pay attention to this day? Even still, if you are not a teacher, there is no reason that you need to celebrate, no holidays for you too!

Why the picture of the Starfish for this post? Well 'The Starfish Story' was a good thematic story for MOE's recruitment campaigns. The story goes like this: "One day, a young boy ask a man whom he saw on the shores why he bothers to pick the many starfishes stranded on the shores one by one painstakingly into the sea, what difference does it make throwing one or 100 starfishes back into the sea." To his enquiry, the man reverted, "It does make a difference to every one of them".

Anyway, when I was a student, I also did not pay much attention to Teachers' Day, just that during Primary School days, we did some colouring cards for our Teachers to show our gratitude to them for their teaching.

To pay justice to the teaching profession, teachers help to inculcate values into our leaders of tomorrow and shape their character, thus teachers do deserve our respect. But lately, when the Ministry of Education steps up their massive recruitment drive of teachers, many questioned whether the candidates sign up for the teaching profession more for the lucrative offers rather than the passion to teach. The Ministry of Education has since readvocated its recruitment policies, reaffirming that the Ministry conducts a rigorous screening of the teacher candidates.

I bet after one steps into the society, one's boss is akin to one's teacher, teaching us how to do things better, but I believe our bosses are more of a coach and a facilitator, not a teacher.

For me, I am my own teacher. I teach myself to learn, read, cycle, improve my IQ, EQ,AQ and SQ, learn how to run, play musical instruments, self-enrich and lead life to the fullest!

There is a saying that says failures are life's greatest teachers, but I beg to differ: if one meets with failures again and again, but fail to improve and learn from each failure and continue to fail, how are failures life's greatest teachers? On the contrary, as I have always believe, we ourselves are our greatest teachers, if we manage to learn from our own mistakes and failures and improve with the passing of each day.

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Relyn Lawson said...

Being a teacher myself, you know I love this story. Take care.

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