Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Story of two different uncles in the Most Dangerous Place in Singapore!

Singapore is a peaceful and safe country, thus if I were to ask you where is the most dangerous place in the country, what would your answer be?

Geylang, Little India, Chinatown, Redhill... these 'havoc' enclaves when compared to other districts in Singapore? The answer is none of these as the most dangerous place in Singapore is our Public Roads!

Story 1: Stupid Uncle

Drivers no longer heed the basic road sign rules. Most of the times, when the Green Pedestrian sign is on, some cars still proceed on and on traffic crossing, drivers treat pedestrians with blatant disregard by driving through just before or after they have cross past the spot in front of their cars.

This evening, I was with my Dear in Little India when we were waiting to cross the traffic light. The cars in front of us slowed to a crawl and become stationary due to the long traffic jam ahead. The pedestrian man at the traffic lights was still red though all the cars still crawled to a halt due to the long traffic jams ahead.

It was at this juncture, that an old uncle (lao uncle or call him old hero) took the laws to his hand and started to cross the traffic junction with the red man on and most of the cars stopping due to the halt. He crossed nonchalently, face looking down on the road as if he thought it was perfect for him to cross the road when in actual fact, he was just exploiting the situation. When he was almost close to the other end of the road, a motorcyclist on the way to the traffic light screeched to a halt, to avoid the old man who has at that time appeared before him. That motorcyclist cursed the old man, who though stunned, walked off quietly and nonchalently as ever before. My god, this old man seemed not to value his life!

Story 2: Good Uncle

Still in Little India and revolving around the roads, my Dear and I saw this old uncle diligently repairing the traffic pedestrian light for the benefits of the pedestrians.

Cars were zooming and inching past him, it was such a dangerous working environment for the uncle!
Though many people might just say that the uncle was just doing his work, I still want to take my hat off to the old uncle for helping to do his little bit for the community!

The philosophical bug in me bit again as I tried to draw an allegory of what this good uncle did to life in general and here it is:In Life, there are many traffic pedestrian lights: we stop on seeing the red man and we cross at the green man. When both red and green men are not working, we need an elder and most experienced man to show us the rope and help us fix the problem.

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