Saturday, September 05, 2009

Singapore Life

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These two weeks have been very hectic for me with more and more work assignments and challenges given to me. Well, work is not that difficult, the most difficult thing in any work is to learn to deal with people, and when I say people, I mean people of all types.

Life on this planet revolves around relationships. "No man is an island", no matter where we go, we need to communicate with others and to work with them. Communication skills are such important asset to have. Not everyone is able to articulate clearly their thoughts and feelings and to understand others and be understood.

Staring at computer the whole of the day, for 8 hours is really a strain to me. I go home everyday, not really physically tired but my eyes really hurt and should I go home and on the internet for recreation stuff, it is really draining.

In my opinion, I think Singaporean, in particular the executives work too hard. Life is not about work per se, it is also about one's passion and one's contribution to family and the community. I really hope that all employers can give their employees a good work life balance as every individual has his or her own aspirations and other non work-related potential worth tapping into.

Everytime in a social occasion, the first question one would received when meeting others for the first time is "where do you work?". Indeed, one's profession become his or her social definition. It is often inevitable as most of us envy those who earn lots of money every month and equate them to be more successful in life!

But are the richer men really happier? Of course not, if one is rich, one can afford more material pleasures but material pleasures though can give happiness, but not permanent happiness.

There are many aspects of life: one's health, one's family, one's contribution to community that makes a more holistic definition of happiness. For many people like me who work so hard, it is really sad to come home everyday, tired from a long day of work, and going to bed is just a matter of 2 to 3 hours later.

Last night, the moment I lied on my bed for just a quick nap, I did not wake up till 7 am, the time for the next day work! Oh no, I must very tired yesterday, but tonight is Friday night (in fact it is Saturday midnight now), and thus I can afford to sleep much later.

For anyway, we wait for 4 days just to reach that elusive Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, thus we deserve to have some big break, and temporarily leave work behind us (or if you are so lucky to do so, as with modern technology, some bosses may expect you to work 24/7 but that will be my topic for the next coming post).

Got to sleep now, have a Pleasant Day ahead!


eunice said...

interesting topic to cover on :D... agree.. everyone is so busy and gets impatient easily, just look at the traffic, so many cars like to cut lanes and horn. It's a very competitive country but I think we are also lucky to get more opportunities and better lifestyle in an efficient country as compared to many other countries. Rest well for the weekend!

Singapore Short Stories said...

Thanks Eunice! Ya, life in any country has its pros and cons :)

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