Sunday, September 06, 2009

Little India

Though Singapore is famed for its wide and amazing suite of shopping centres, I am not a particular fan of the local shopping centres here.No, I do not hate the shopping centres here, it has to do with my personality. Imagine, you work for such long hours every weekday, only to go to the shopping centres on weekends to find yourselves jamming with so many other Singaporeans and foreigners, waiting for tables to be cleared at restaurants, having to consume your meals hastily with the pairs of other food patrons preying on your seats and so much more.

At times though, my Dear and I do visit the suite of shopping centres here to chill out in hot and humid Singapore, other than that, we love the other sights of Singapore.There are really lots of other interesting places in Singapore besides shopping centres. My top choices are natural parks, special events as well as places of rich historical and cultural charm.

Yesterday, my Dear and I visited Little India! It was definitely not our first time there but in yesterday's visit, we proceeded to the hub of Little India itself rather than just visiting the shops on the periphery.

Right off from Little India station, within a short walk, you can see the latest shopping centre in Little India. it is called "The Verge".

Wow, "The Verge" sounds so exciting, so interesting and so happening! However, stepping into the shopping centre, my Dear and I were sadly disappointed. Besides the Sheng Siong in the basement of the mall, a Kopitiam on one of the upper storeys and a storey dedicated to artificial flower shops and toy stores, the mall has nothing really typical of a modern shopping mall to offer as in the genres of shops are not that much. Two stories of the mall are also under development.

Coming out from The Verge, one can see that the lighting for Deepavali has been set up though it is still 2 months away:

My Dear and I roamed around Little India, taking in the sights and sound of the things and people in the area. It is quite relaxing to be in Little India, as it is a far cry from the mould of the dozens of brick and mortar shopping centres that Singapore has in plethora. Here in Little India, there is a poignant feel of ruralness and simplicity which is scare in Singapore.

There is also a sense of disorderliness in the area which I love when traffic and people just move around as and when they like.

Dozens of foreign Indian workers had a wonderful time watching some Indian drama show, simply contented with this pastime. Yes, happiness can be simple and simplicity can be happiness too.

I would encourage all non-Indian Singaporeans and foreigners to visit Little India for it offers rich cultural insights about the Indian culture.

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Aparna said...

Stumbled upon your blog.
Quite enjoyed the experience. I have not been to Singapore, but I thought it was a very organized place. Was a bit surprised to read that this kind of a place also exists there.
In India chaos rules and we pretty much thrive in it.

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