Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ku Witaya & Sia Chan Hong

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The case of Ku Witaya and Sia Chan Hong, the two Tampines Secondary School boys who plunged to their deaths, believing that they could 'come back' to earth to fight the demons in World War III and save the world with their deaths, has finally come to a close today in Courts.

The Courts ruled the deaths of the two boys as a suicide and Ku Witaya was the leader who has incited Sia Chan Hong and other five boys to jump along with him with the story of the story of the demon slayers he has painted to the group.

It was indeed a shocking case for the whole nation of Singapore that something so incredible could be perpetuated or even thought of by a group of 15-years old who should have by this age, garnered some judgements about life and mature enough to discern reality from fantasy.

Ku, as a medium, has convinced easily his group of 7 other close buddies, his story of the demon-slayers and as a result of close-knitted friendship and respect for Ku, the group, except one believed in Ku.

Five more young innocent lives would have been lost if the rest of the 'suicide pact' group has not come to their sense in time.

In my opinion, I believe this case is just another instance of one being totally lost in one's other worlds. This world is a world of worlds, why do I say this, well, everyone of us has many worlds of our own. When we go to work each day, we enter into the world of work, dealing with bosses, colleagues and work and being affected by the dynamics and innuendos of work. When we pursue our passion, we enter into the world of entertainment and joy. When we puruse love relationship, we enter into the happy world of bonding, affection and sex. We are thus individuals with many worlds.

The problem arises when we are too focused in one's world that we lose focus of our other committments and life become topsy-tursy. For example, a schoolboy can become an addict of his internet world, so much so that he can trade sleep and food just for hours and hours of playing the latest online games. An workalcoholic immersed in his work can lose sight of his family and personal committment. In this latest tragedy which shocked Singapore, the group of young boys were lost in the world of fantasy painted by Witaya... a fantasy that they must commit suicide to be reborn again in time for World War III as slayers of demons and save the world. Witaya and Chan Hong paid the price for their overindulgence in their fantasy world and the incident would also leave an indelible scar on the remaining boys for life!

I hope through this episode, Singapore parents can spare more time to communicate with their children, to understand their worlds and not wait for the eruption of a dormant volcano!

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