Saturday, September 19, 2009

'I Do' Garden Weddings 2009

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Come this Sunday, 20 Sep 09, an auspicious wedding date for couples, 20-09-2009, a total of 168 couples will be ushered in a sedan to various spots around Singapore Botanic Gardens for the largest mass wedding solemnisation ever to be held in Singapore, and on this special day somemore!

Singapore Short Stories would be giving all of you a surprise come this special day! What is the surprise? I will keep mum for now, just read my blog in the coming days!

Islandwide, more than 600 couples will be marrying on this special day, which comes only once in a lifetime!

Solemisation of the couples will be carried out in a private setting throughout a number of spots spread in the Gardens from 4pm to 530om, followed by a Grand March in at 6pm, followed by the giving of sounvenirs by Minister and a concert in the park, it will be both a meaningful, lovely and exciting day for all couples!


Denesa said...

Wow! The date is so auspicious and the event sounds so sweet. I am dropping by Botanic Garden and maybe will see the sedans going around:)

Singapore Short Stories said...

Yup Denesa, it is truly an auspicious date!

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