Tuesday, September 22, 2009

$10 million TOTO draw on 25 Sep 09

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Have you buy yet? Buy what? Buy TOTO for this Friday's draw is going to reach S$10 million soon!

If you are a regular punter, chances are that you would spend more for Friday's draw with this grand prize. If you are not a TOTO fan, there is still some chance you may want to spend at least 50 cent to wager a bet to see if you are the lucky one!

However, when it comes to such a grand draw, more punters also mean more sharing the top prize! It is not common to witness 8 or 9 people winning top TOTO prizes amounting to $9 to $11 million, thus each winner would win, in effect a million or so Singapore dollars.

Anyway, winning some hundreds thousands of dollars or a million Singapore dollars is already good enough. Singapore has 66,660 and counting people with US $1 million in liquidity excluding property. TOTO is always a good opportunity for one to be a member of this prestigious club.

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