Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Where Got Ghost?

Local producer, Jack Neo is back again with another local movie: “Where Got Ghost” which would start screening next Thursday 13 Aug 09 at cinemas island wide!

If you have followed my blog, you would have read about my encounter with the
movie crew (see the creepy picture below, hehe):

It was not a prearranged encounter but my Dear and I actually stumbled upon them when we made our maiden visit to Lorong Buangkok! We were even mistaken as the movie artistes by the shooting crew (wow, not bad leh!).

Anyway, now then I learnt that the scene my Dear and I stumbled upon was the second installment of the movie (3 installments in all) where actor Ah Nan, playing a reservist soldier strayed from his group patrol and ended up seeing a ghost:

(Picture from Lianhe Zaobao 3rd Aug 09)

This story plot of National Service ghost story is quite an old cliché actually! I wonder whether Jack Neo would succeed in creating another box office this time round?

Though we cannot see ghosts, there are everywhere around us, in my opinion. Where got ghost? Got la! There is one behind you, reading my blog together with you! Just joking! :)

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