Sunday, August 09, 2009

Tng Jie Min

Amidst all the joy and merry-making surrounding the celebration of Singapore's 44th National Birthday, it is indeed sad to learn of 12 year old Tng Jie Min being hit by a car after her National Day rehearsal at her school (read full article here). She was just 5 days shy of making her appearance on National stage. Jie Min now remains unconscious in an Intensive Care unit in a hospital in Singapore.
Indeed, I am sad to hear of such tragedy! The cause of the accident is not known, and I would like to advise all Singaporeans to cross the roads really carefully, even if the lights are in your favours to cross as pedestrians, do take a double check on all vehicles to ensure all vehicles have stopped before crossing the road. Many times, I was almost killed by reckless drivers who drive with blatant disregard for lives. Sometimes, I feel pitiful for people who are killed by reckless drivers: the victims lose their lives but the drivers would at most be sentenced to some years of jail, fine, banning of driving or a combination of the three. Singapore wishs Jie Min recover soon. I really hope Singapore drivers drive carefully and responsibly!

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