Monday, August 03, 2009

Singapore Vandals

It was already old news that Liverpool has thrashed Singapore 5:0 in the friendly soccer match held at Singapore National Stadium last week when the soccer giants were in Singapore during their Asian tour.

Guess what? I had a surprise when I used a toilet in Vivocity yesterday. The door of the toilet cubicle was vandalised with a message: "Liverpool 5, Singapore 0"!

The vandal must be a die-hard Liverpool fan. While he must be mad with happiness at his favorite team, he should not have vandalised a public property!

Singapore prides itself on excellent infrastructure, but many a times, they are vandalised. Great resources and time are spent 'erasing' all those vandalism messages. Vandalism is really destructive. Though Vandalism has in part given rise to taboo art, the thrill of vandalising a public property and committing a public offence seems to weigh heavily in the mind of Singapore Vandals!

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