Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Singapore Unlimited

The title for today's post is "Singapore Unlimited". Why do I choose such a title? Well, to many of us, Singaporeans, we always lament the fact that our country, Singapore is such a little country and there is 'nothing much' in Singapore owing to its small size. But I must say that though Singapore is very limited in size, there is an unlimited number of places we can discover in this little island! Just a few days ago, I stumbled across a place called "Robertson Walk" (see picture above, does it not look like a mini-resort kind of setting?) Well though some of you may have definitely visited this place, for me, it is my first time there. In a nutshell, what I must say is that in Singapore, there is still a suite of places that you and I may not have visited or stumbled before despites our persistent claims that Singapore is a small island. For some of the most exciting places I have visited in Singapore, please click on the picture hyperlink to the right of this blog. I am also going to discover more uncovered jewels on this island too, so do keep a lookout for my next posts!

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