Saturday, August 08, 2009

Singapore Number 1 Toilet

Singapore's toilets are generally very clean, this is my belief when I talk about the toilets in our shopping malls as well as in Changi airports. I have always been impressed by some of the high standards that the toilet cleaners exhibit in keeping our toilets clean and hygienic for our 'big' and 'small' businesses! Also the high technology used in many of our local toilets like the auto soap dispenser, auto flush and auto tap are also a boon to Singaporeans and all toilet users.

The accolade of what should be Singapore's Number 1 toilet should go to the basement toilets in Singapore's newest shopping mall: Ion Orchard! Why is it so? Well, besides the very clean, tidy and hygienic conditions as well as the large areas, which were common hallmarks of great toilets in Singapore, take a look at this:

We even got television on the walls of the urinals! Wow, talking about knowledge society, for Singaporeans, even their toilet time must also be devoted to learning... hehe just kidding! Anyway, this is the first time I actually see such TV toilets in Singapore and together with the large, posh facadem this is , in my opinion, Singapore's Number 1 toilet!

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Carlito86 said...

That is really funny - TV's on the wall!!!



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