Thursday, August 06, 2009

Singapore MRT

The seats in our Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) labelled "Priority Seats" are often so-called the hot seats!

If you take this seat, you have to be sure you are really high in the priority for these seats! If you are young and you sit in this seat when an old woman, pregnant woman and people with special needs are in front of you, you have to be gracious and give up the seat to them.

I can sometimes sympathize with those who take up these seats. When they take these seats, there are not any 'high priority' people around them. Then lethargy set in and halfway the train journey, one old man stands in front of him and he is still sleeping! Some people may think that this guy is feigning sleep, he takes a photo of the sleeping man, upload to some popular online forums or portals then act of inconsiderate behaviour!

However, it is true though that some people do really feign to sleep when sitting on these hot seats!

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