Saturday, August 01, 2009

Singapore Marriott Hotel Wedding Workshop

My Dear and I were among the hundreds of participants who flocked the Marriott Hotel on Thursday 30 July 09 evening for the wedding workshop organized by the hotel.

All of us, the participants were treated to a sumptous and delectable buffet treat! We were satiated with Western, Japanese and Chinese fare prepared by the hotel! There was a galore of cakes, sushi and desserts too. The dinner was really of a high quality, befitting the reputation of Marriott Hotel.

There were on-the-spot competitions: counting the number of apples contained in 3 jars (the answer was 103); I told my Dear as it was hard to count, I just put down the romantic number of '99' on the competition entry form, thinking it should be the right answer, thinking I was a gensius at work, haha!

The workshop was unlike any other workshop,there was no talk, I should have called this workshop a showcase cum exhibition instead.

The workshop was held in a swanky hall and the hall was elaborately decorated, just like what a wedding dinner hall is decorated, repleted with all the wedding dinner table, equipment and memorabilia. The purpose for this setting, in my opinion, is of course to showcase to the workshop participants how grand their wedding dinner would be if they choose Marriott! There were, of course, booths promoting wedding photo services, wedding card and other wedding favours services, geomancy services for those who insist on a very auspicious wedding date and many others more!

The highlight of the night was the lucky draw when the organizers selected some lucky winners who penned an entry describing 'What is the most important element in a wedding'. The lucky couple walked away with a free wedding dinner worth $50,ooo from Marriott Hotel, wow, it was great, they have saved $50,000 in their wedding preparations!

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