Thursday, August 06, 2009

Singapore Haze

(courtesy of The Straits Time, 6 Aug 09)

The haze is back again! For the past 2 days, Singapore is shrouded in haze and today, the haze level reaches 60! (moderate level).

The cause of the Haze is again Indonesia's burning of its large acres of forest... forest clearance for plantations, etc. Everytime, there are hot spots in Indonesia's island, Singapore and Malaysia will not be spared when the wind is in a direction unfavorable to Singapore. With H1N1 still lurking in Singapore, a new breed of H1N1 called H3N2 starting to strike in other parts of the world and now there is haze, I wonder how has the world gone wrong?

I suffered the most terrible headache in years arising from today's polluted air and I feel super lethargic too!

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