Saturday, August 15, 2009

Singapore F1 2009

This will be one of the dazzling scenes which will greet the international audience from 25 to 27 Sept 2009 when the live broadcast of the Singapore's leg of F1 which is also the world's second night race is shown to thousands around the world!

As you can see from the photo, the stage has been set with the flood and flash lights all erected! The world has complimented Singapore for successfully hosting the world's 1st F1 night race last year. now the stakes are even higher for Singapore to host an even better F1 race!

What might spoilt the race in my opinion are not the logistical factors, some slips-up may be possible but they may not be major enough to derail the whole show. What would really affect the smooth running of the race would be something which we could not control and that is the weather!

It is not the rain that I can talking about! If it rains, the whole race can still proceed and it will be even more thrilling! What I am saying would be the haze which might always return at this time of the year!

Moderate haze may still be expected as Singapore does not suffer from really serious haze all these years, hence the chance of racers not able to see their tracks and colliding, crashing their vehicles is definitely very remote.

The haze, if it returns and envelopes the skies of Singapore will tarnish Singapore's image and reputation when thousands around the world view the race only to find a highly polluted Singapore's skies. Definitely, explanation on the source of the haze may help, but it will not be enough. Let us hope for a haze-free skies on 25 to 27 September!

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