Monday, August 03, 2009

NDP 2009 Theme Song - What Do You See

Being a "TV recluse", I seldom watch TV, preferring to involve myself in intelletual activites, it is thus hardly surprising that I only got to listen to the NDP 2009 Theme Song while passing through my nearby shopping mall which is belting out National Day songs: past and present continously.

I know this song I heard is this year's NDP song as I have not heard this National Day song before!

Anyway, this song is really quite nice, just that really do not know why, when I first listened to the song, I had goose pimples, even now whenever I play this song, I have goose pimples too.

I do not know why I have goose pimples whenever I heard this song. It is not that I do not like the song or feel it is awful. In fact, I find the song Great! Just that the singer (not sure who he is) has just a unique singing tone that sets my goose pimples crawling!

I listened to the Chinese version, this time round, I still have goose pimples but I feel great hearing Chen Wei Lian's soul touching rendition!

Happy Birthday Singapore!

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eastcoastlife said...

We have some good songs for our ND, some are easy to remember. I usually memorise a few to sing at foreign events. My Singapore songs. :)

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