Sunday, August 16, 2009

National Day Rally 2009

Today, Prime Minister Lee Hisen Loong would be making his annual National Day Rally speech in the Cultural Centre Hall of the National University of Singapore.
Every National Day Rally is of significant importance to Singaporeans as the rally is often a platform for the Prime Minister to inform Singaporeans about the coming policies and incentives if any, as such it is the most closely watched talk for businessmen, investors and average Singaporeans.
It is anyone guess on what Prime Minister Lee would be talking about, however I believe these are likely the topics Prime Minister Lee would touch on:
a) Economic recession and whether Singapore's economy has recovered and whether any stimulus package would still be given out to tide Singaporeans over the reigning economic crisis
b) Anti-terrorism efforts
c) H1N1
d) Foreign talent
e) Youths
f) The search for Prime Minister's successor
And who knows, with the General Election timeline approaching, Prime Minister Lee may give a clue or even inform Singaporeans of when the next General Election would be held!
So, lets us tune in to hear PM Lee's National Day Rally tonight!

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