Sunday, August 02, 2009

National Day Parade 2009

My Dear and I were among the thousands who flocked to Marina Square area for today's National Day Parade Preview.

However, unlike the lucky Singaporeans who held the coveted tickets to the preview of Singapore's Greatest Party of the year, we were participants outside the floating platform, the venue of the parade and its many previews.

Exiting from Marina Square shopping mall, we could see that there was already a crowd of Singaporeans gathered outside the mall as early as 5 pm!

The shopping mall even made special announcements informing the Parade ticket holders that the entrance to the Preview has opened!

How lucky Singaporeans are!

As participants from outside the floating platform, it was a problem for us to attempt to get 'up, close and personal' (a.k.a: as close as possible) to the floating platform outside.

There were rows and rows of barricades neatly arranged to prevent unauthorised access as well as policemen and security guards manning the entrance points closely.

Even the nearby hotel was decked in Singapore National Flags on its facade! How supportive the hotel is!

There were still barricades and barricades around the vicinity of Marina Square shopping mall.

My Dear and I, like the many other Singaporeans, who would just want to catch some glimpses of the preview and the spectacular fireworks, went up to the Esplanade for the best views!

The underpath to the Esplanade was, as expectedly tightly guarded and barricaded:

Finally, my Dear and I exited from the Esplanade, and were greeted by the friendly Singa Lions, who after encouraging Singaporeans to smile, to be more socially responsible during H1N1 period (even till now), are now the ambassadors of National Day!

The following point is the best vantage point to the parade preview (as it is the closest one could get to the floating platform where all the happenings of the parade would be taking place!)

Rarely seen Special Operations Command vehicles from the Police were on standby to thwart any unforeseen disorder:

Singaporeans and foreigners were waiting for the fireworks, the grand finale of the night as early as 4pm or even early. When my Dear and I reached the Esplanade podium, it was already packed with 'audience'!

The surrounding roads leading to the floating platform were all closed, traffic was diverted as the National Day Parade involved logistics which were quite massive and some roads have to be cleared to faciliate the smooth flow of the parade!

My Dear and I found a very comfortable vantage point to take a bird-eye view of the parade! So sorry I should not divulge the point here, else believe me, next Sunday (National Day), it would be packed with Singaporeans who had no tickets!

The actual programme started around 6.30pm, the skies grew dark, and it was the time for the grand finale: fireworks!

I caught all of the spectacular video of the fireworks on video, and would be sharing with all of you on my next post, do look out for this post soon!

I am going to sleep now, as now is 1 am already (Singapore time)! Good night folks!

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