Sunday, August 30, 2009


NATAS Travel Fair 09 is currently ongoing at Expo Hall 4 and 5 and will be on till tomorrow. Another exhibition is also ongoing from yesterday till tomorrow though it is held on a more low-key note as compared to NATAS Travel Fair: Asian Food Delights 09

If you are thinking that the food exhibition is akin to the Singapore Food Festival exhibition, you will be a tad disappointed, for Hall 6 where the exhibition is held contains not only food stalls but also stalls of other household themes. Nevertheless there is still a slew of great stalls offering great food at good prices! Just look at the people eating:

After my Dear and I toured the NATAS travel fair yesterday and decided on the plan, it was already past 9pm! Our stomachs were growling as we rushed to the fair right after our work to avoid the weekend crowds and to clinch an 'early bird' deal. How timely the food exhibition was! We proceeded to visit the food exhibition and with the closing of the food stalls at 10 pm, it was a great bargain for the two of us as the food stall operators started slashing their prices!

We had 1 bowl of Tom Yam noodles and soup for $2, two bowls of laksa for $2 each, 1 cup of curry fish balls for $2, 4 fish otahs for $2 and 1 bowl of fish maw for $1... totalling $11, not bad as we ate a slew of dishes (though all curry) for this price!

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