Saturday, August 29, 2009

NATAS Fair 2009

My Dear and I just came back from the NATAS Holidays Travel Fair 2009 commencing today (28 Aug 09) and held till 30 Aug 09 (Sunday).

Huge crowds thronged Exhibition Hall 4 and 5 right on the 1st day today! The NATAS Holidays travel fair was supposed to be where one could get the best bargains but for the destination my Dear and I had planned to visit, the price, on average, was quite normal, not really a discount.

There was a mix of big and traditional travel agencies and many other smaller and newer travel firms. I believe if one were like to get a better pricing, the smaller and newer travel firms would be suitable, however for my Dear and I, we prefer the old and trusted brands. I believe trust of the customers is the barrier for the smaller and newer firms to cross.

Finally, after a detailed planning and analysis, we chose a firm which offers the best value-for-money package for our destination. The number and type of free gifts in this fair is not as generous as the previous fair, at least to me. Nevertheless, it is still a worthwhile opportunity to check out the different travel deals in town offered by a good number of travel firms under one roof, albeit for an admission fee of $3.

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