Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Living in Singapore

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All of us were born like lions: when we were young, we dreamt of many big things, we dreamt of being a millionaire, we dreamt of having a big bungalow and we dare to dream!

This is what I was when I was a young kid. I did not know the adult world, being sheltered and protected by my parents, living in an ivory tower, living in childhood fantasy.

Time and tide however do not wait for man, soon like the others, I entered the adult world after graduation into the 'university of life'. I started to experience the rules of the corporate jungle. However, as a lion which has been caged in captivity for years, it was hence a cultural shock for me to learn the rules of the jungle where I saw colleagues scheme, plot and backstab; the rich and wealthy discriminating the poor like me, evil people plentiful in the world, and hence like a tamed lion freed in the jungle, the once fearsome lion hence became bullied even by a lesser animal such as a deer!

Though I am disappointed with many of the people in the society, who will go all out to achieve the money, the status, the power and the motives they want, I have to accept that this is LIFE. To survive in this corporate jungle, the tamed lion must once again unlearn its old habits and learn the rules of the jungle! The lion need not be merciless and starts to kill all its preys and enemies but at least it will start to be more assertive, learn the rules of the corporate jungle and ensure that there is enough prey in the corporate jungle after competiting with the rest of the predators.

This is the rule of the corporate jungle. When it comes to the debate of foreign talent in Singapore and why Singaporeans are fearful of the China Chinese, the India Indians and the so called foreign talents, I believe it is due to the 'hunger' of these foreign talents that Singaporeans may be worried about.

When foreigners like China Chinese come to Singapore, they are driven and hungrier for success and hence determined and perservanced to make it big in Singapore,it is ineviden typical Singaporeans who after years of living in comfortable Singapore find it stressful to be living with them and vying for the same jobs on the local job market. Singaporeans may grip about good paying jobs going to these foreign talents, but these jobs may be given to them the better candidates.

In my opinion, on the back of increasing regional competition, I believe to sustain Singapore's economic advantage in the coming decades, Singaporeans must learn to be 'hungry' again and strive to improve their personal competitve advantage. Instead of asking government for help after being retreched, Singaporeans should always upgrade, reinvent themselves, enhance their employability to stay competitve.

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