Sunday, August 23, 2009


Yesterday, I caught one of the best Chinese Lunar Seventh month Getai shows ever when i was passing through the field next to the new Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre.

The few rows of chairs were definitely not enough for the audience with part of the crowd spilling into the adjacent road and a two-lane road became a one-lane road, which caused mini-traffic jams and traffic police to interfere.

I did not know when the actual Getai show started but I could tell that it was one of the stronger Getai with the popular Getai host, Lim Ruping as the MC; and true enough more popular TV artistes appeared:

The artistes were the cast from the movie "Where Got Ghost", doing a promotion at the Getai. The cast as you can see from the photo included Mark Lee, Henry Thia among others.

It was a hilarious night at the Getai yesterday with the Getai show peppered with a galore of jokes, some were quite crude, from the hosts. Overall, it was also an educational Getai show as the movie cast educated the audience on the perils of addictive gambling and the need to gamble with caution and responsibility. The segment ended with Mark Lee singing a song to raise awareness on the importance of gambling prudently.

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