Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ear Candling

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With some time to spend today, I tried a service I have always wanted to try before: ear candling!

As I have mentioned in the blog before, I am not really a rich man, however no matter how 'un-rich' I am, no matter how many people despise me due to my 'un-richness', who says 'un-rich' people cannot enjoy life and indulge in a little bit of pampering at times? Anyway the ear candling services I had today was at a discounted price for 30 minutes.

Ear candling is touted to rid the wax residing in one's ear, eliminate toxins and possibly sinuses. There is also some skeptism about ear candling, saying that it is just a fad! and worse, some articles even report that during the candling, the wax can drop off into the ear and causes serious injury to the ear!

When the ear candling treatment started, I was assured that the ear candle used was not an ordinary candle (not something like you see above). I do not really get to see the candle as the funnel pentretated into my ear. I cried for mercy a little when I felt the tip of the funnel almost poking my eardrum.

Anyway, the treatment was quite alright. I could feel a little bit of heat and a smell of ashes (even till now, felt some smell). I started off with the right ear and then the left. The whole treatment was fast, relaxing and not much of a pain.

After the event, the funnel was cut, and the receptionist handed me the 'fruits' of the treatment which was, sorry to mention, my ear waxes! There were not much of the ear waxes which were removed, though I have not been clearing my ears for sometime now due to my busy schedule. Though I was encouraged to come for addtional treatments, I believe one time was good enough already.

You should go and try ear candling if you are curious. I am not sure whether you would like it, definitely not for me, as till now, smoke still seems to billow from deep inside my ears. Actually, ear candling sets a covection current which causes the ear waxes to come out, it is science and not a magical act. This is the application of science to the body.

One ridiculous idea came to my mind now (especially at this time of the night): can there be a procedure similar to ear candling for people suffering from constipation? Called it anus-candling! Poke a funnel into the anus, set the top of the funnel on fire and there the shits come out from a constipated man fast and furious... it can be like small chocolates or cholocate milkshake and then the receptionist will put all these in front of you after your treatment and tell you the story about your constipation status!

I sincerely apologised if my vivid imagination costs you your meal! Sorry!

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