Thursday, August 06, 2009

Singapore National Day (NDP) Fireworks

Our Singapore's Biggest Day of the Year: National Day is coming in just 3 days! These are the fireworks which we will be seeing that day! (P.S: Fireworks shown here were taken by me on the NDP preview, however on our National Day, I expect more fireworks on a greater scale!)


eunice said...

Are you able to see fireworks from your home too? I saw only a little bit of the fireworks from my house, too bad blocked by a big building.

Now I someone playing Singapore National Day songs near my house...

Singapore Short Stories said...

Wow Eunice, at least u can see some fireworks from your home! me cannot see anything, thus I have to go there to floating platform loh :)

Wow, your house there so many patriotic Singaporeans, Good! :)

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