Sunday, May 24, 2009


Licene2Play, a gaming and entertainment exhibition was held at Suntec City from 22 May 09 to 24 May 09. There was a host of entertainment games booths and cyber-game competitions going on, while vendors were having a brisk business selling their wares.
With an increasingly younger cyber-generation, more and more youngsters are hooking up with the internet gaming and the like. Spending tens of hours facing the computer screen, playing online games or using online social media is not healthy at all, though I am, admittedly one of those having to face the computer tens of hours a day due to the nature of my work. I exercise regularly and take short eye-sight breaks from the screens for damage control.
My Dear and I left the exhibition soon after we entered as we are not gaming fans at all.

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Nicholas said...

Thanks for dropping by even though you're not a gamer!

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