Monday, April 20, 2009

Vivocity Open Sesame!

My Dear and I visited Vivocity yesterday. If you are a regular there, you would (of course) know that Vivocity links with the Harbourfront Tower.

As we were approaching Harbourfront Tower, suddenly we heard the loud and ear-piercing shrill of the fire alarm and right in-front of us, the metal shutter just came rolling down, sealing the entrance of Harbourfront Tower from Vivocity and civilisation!

Announcements came and set in quickly, informing shoppers that it was a false alarm. Dozens of security forces descended onto the entrance of the Harborfront Tower and took action to restore Harborfront Tower. Large crowds of shoppers were left confounded and confused. 5 minutes later, the shutter came rolling up and Vivocity and Harborfront City resumed to normalcy.

Singaporeans live in a very peacefully and squeaky clean Singapore. Singaporeans are fortunate to lead lives which are not rocked by political turmoils, natural disasters or civil turbulances though like any other open economy, we are still targets of terrorism and financial meltdowns.

What seems to be an insignificant matter in other nations rocked by human or natural turmoils is greeted by surprise by Singaporeans. Laspes in normalcy of an effective nation such as the case mentioned here or breakdowns in public transports seems to be the only adventures in our peaceful lives!

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