Friday, April 10, 2009

Tampines 1 Shopping Mall opens on 9 April 09

Tampines’ third shopping mall, Tampines 1 opened its door to the public yesterday and already more than 40,000 shoppers have thronged the shops in this new shopping mall since opening.
Today is Good Friday, being a public holiday, super-large crowds descended on the 3 shopping malls in Tampines collectively: Century Square Shopping Mall, Tampines Mall and last but not least, the newest shopping mall which saw the largest crowd: Tampines 1.

It suddenly rained around 3pm and I must tell you that it was real chaotic between Tampines Mall and the MRT station. Hundreds of people were jamming the limited area outside Tampines MRT station, walking in both direction (to the station and away from the station). This stretch of road was already congested with human traffic on a normal day and the crowd got even worse when it rained today!

As anticipated, Tampines 1 shopping mall was choked with people and more people. The most popular shop in this new shopping mall seemed to be UNIQLO, Japan’s number 1 casual wear brand which has its flagship store in Singapore at none other than Tampines 1. Many people were just queuing up to enter the shop!

Shopping in this giant mall was tiring as my Dear and I had to navigate our way through the maddening crowds.

The most unique feature in Tampines 1 shopping mall was its sky terrace from where one could see the skyline in Tampines.

To me, Tampines 1 seems so much like any other shopping centre. There is not much distinguishing factor that marks the mall different from Tampines Mall or Century Square. Even the newest shopping centre in Bugis, Iluma bore the same features as other shopping malls in Singapore when my Dear and I visited it last week. I yearn for something a tad different in these new shopping malls, but I am disappointed once again. Singapore should not use its limited land to build another typical shopping mall which do nothing much to improve the intrinsic quality of Singaporeans’ lives. Shopping malls just promote consumerism.

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eastcoastlife said...

Goodness! I almost went there but had to attend to a sick student.

Will go there another day... weekday. :)

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