Saturday, April 04, 2009

Singapore's Hottest Night

Tonight is a super hot night! My body is sweating profusely as I type this post!

Day is hot, night is also hot! I predict the temperature now (both day and night to be 30 degree Celsius!)

In this case, I prefer to be in some desert like Arizona where though the day can be unbearably hot, the night can be super cool as well! Might as well consider to migrate to Arizona, staying in Arizona real estate .

Some home developments there look pretty interesting, Singaporeans should have no problem staying in Arizona’s hot climate (we can choose either the desert or the mountains) as we are so accustomed to the heat and humility of Singapore!

Note: I can withstand the heat, but it is the humidity that kills me…. My skin is so sweaty, as sweat cannot evaporate! Arizona seems to be a nice place to get away from the stressful city life of Singapore, we will be overlooking beautiful deserts and mountains, and leading a simple and rustic life!


Anonymous said...

It was 33 degree Celsius!!

Climatologically, April is a relatively hot month. During this fortnight, light wind conditions with sunny periods may give rise to a few hot afternoons with maximum temperatures in the range of 33 to 35 degrees Celsius.

Dutchie said...

This is one deterrant for us when contemplating a return to SG *sigh*

It's not only the sleepless nites but also during the day - every step we take, we can hear blood pounding at our temple bec it's just too hot for us to acclimatise in one short month :-(

Abt the trailer - it does enable u to be mobile n go anywhere u want. Bear in mind tho that it is a gas guzzler n u need to park at trailer parks (more expensive than pitching ur own tent) to hv excess to electric n water hook-ups at the end of the day when u need to cook a warm meal n do the dishes or hv a shower (also available at camp sites). The high cost discouraged us (US$ 1200 per week +++)when we were touring the USA - a country of very long lonely roads but the beauty of the canyons just took our breaths away ... an idea for ur future honeymoon ?

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