Monday, April 20, 2009

Singapore Retreat

Dear Regular Readers,

Please do not be suprised if you come to read my blog few days later to find that there is no new post not only for 1 day, but for 5 to 6 days.... reason is that your Good Friend, Singapore Short Stories will be going for a Singapore Retreat in order to invigorate himself and do some 'table-top' exercise to serve you folks, all living in Singapore!

I will be going on the Retreat in Bukit Timah Hill, Singapore's highest point (only 166 metres though!). There I will use the self-scape digging lesson I learnt from my army days to good use and I will dig a fox-hole and immerse myself there.

At night, I will do some blood donations to the tonnes of mosquitoes residing in the mountains while I observe the cunning and slick movements of the monkeys flying from one tree to another. It is only via observing nature that you will find your true self!

For many years, I am a victim of the modern day: all the hustle, bustle, stress, complications of modern living! I feel Great to be with Nature! though I hope not to find a person suddenly sleeping besides me at night, a man called Mas Selamat, hehe, neither will I want to see visage of some Japanese soldiers still fighting in the World War II (for they are definitely ghosts hehe).

A Singapore Retreat, that is uniquely Singaporean! And that is truly invigorating! Come and find me in Bukit Timah hill ba if you want to escape from modern living :)

Thanks for your continuous support!


Filipina blogger said...

Wow didn't know there are retreats there...I just had a retreat myself at our farm in the Philippines.

Good to donate blood to mozzies once in awhile LOL.

Hope you have a wonderful time!

Dutchie said...

There r mossie cremes available in the stores. My hubby bought some from Mustafa's ! Beter armed urself with it bec some might be carriers of malaria !

Sentosas chalets r very comfy. I heard that the SAF has retreats as well. Dont u qualify ?

Hv a good retreat tho.

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