Thursday, April 30, 2009

Singapore Cable Car

Our cable car system straddling between Harborfront Tower, Mount Faber and Sentosa which has served Singapore dutifully for the past 35 years will be finally undergoing a 7-month overhaul costing $36 million dollars.

My Dear and I were just up there in one of these cable cars some weeks ago and unfortunately, the ride was nothing special to us at all!

Firstly, the cable car cabin was relatively small and being non-air-conditioned, the cabin was hot and humid. Secondly, the scenary which could be viewed from the cable car cabin was far from awesome. Last but not least, the traveling distance was too short at all (even if one were to travel the furthest distance from Harborfront Tower to Sentosa).

However, my Dear and I had an excellent experience with the cable cars in Hong Kong just some days ago. We traveled on the cable cars in Ocean Park and to Ngong Ping 360 from Tung Chung.

I must tell you that the cable car rides there were simply AMAZING! The cable car was traveling above the mountains, the seas and the cities so much so that the scenary which could be viewed from the cabin is truly magnificent!

Secondly, the beautiful ride itself was much longer than what could be afforded in Singapore and thirdly, it comes with a great, air-conditioned and well-ventilated cabin! All these at approximately the same price as that of the Singapore Cable Car!

Personally, I believe the monies that go towards the overhaul of the Singapore cable cars could be saved. Singapore should just scrap off the current cable car system as the traveling distance is not that great and scenic after all. Singapore should relook into a new path of a cable car, one which could possibly link Singapore’s highest point, Mount Faber with some other possible attractions.

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