Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Singapore Blogger Day

It has been decided that Singapore will have its very own, first in the world: Singapore Blogger Day to be held on the 31 Jan of every year!
The date 31 Jan has been choosen as the first two characters of the word 'Blogger' : Bl gives rise to 131.
The first Singapore Blogger Day will be celebrated in Singapore with a LOUD BANG on the 31 Jan 2010!
It is a date that Singapore Bloggers have been waiting for!
'It' refers to Singapore Short Stories who feels that Singapore should have a day to celebrate blogging in Singapore. This is my very idea that I will hold copyrights haha... nevertheless I am floating this idea with some of the most famous bloggers in Singapore...


minicharms said...

Who set it? Most important. must have holiday one.

Princessa said...


Singapore Short Stories said...

Hi Vestige,

I set it la.

Okay I will grant the holidays to all Singaporeans coming 1 May 09!

Thanks Princessa!

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