Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I miss those good old cookies that are housed in a jar, which my relatives used to bake for me. Its not only about the delicious yummy cookies, its all about nostalgia as well as the kind and warm family bonding.

Having discovered nam's bits recently , the intricate feeling of bonding and warm ties welled up in me once again. The delicious look of the chocolate cookies, neatly presented in a transparent container, aroused my appetite once more. These nam's bits cookies , together with customized gift are also great gifts for friends as these gifts are not only ordinary gifts, as being customizable for your friends, they embody the friendship you treasure to your friend recipients.


Dutchie said...

So u r a cookie "monster" huh ? My hubby nibbles on ginger bread n cookies on a daily basis, while I hv a sweet tooth for gummy bears. Both r bad for the waistline n the budget but we r stuck in our ways, sad to say.

In the past we used to receive a small booklet of Xmas gifts from America - unique items sold only during this period. Their rich fruit cake (drenched in whiskey) was a real treat, costing US40,00 for a kilo. Then they stopped mailing us n the old address doesnt respond to our order. This was one nostalgic item which we dearly missed bec no one else could emulate the yummy recipe :-(

Singapore Short Stories said...

Ya Dutchie, modernisation in the name of advance kills many of our shared memories....

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