Monday, April 06, 2009


“The sweetest music to one’s ears is his name”, how true is this adage! Everyone likes to be called by his name (provided he loves it, of course!).

A Name is very important to an individual, as he will be always addressed by it in his lifetime! Parents must pay great attention to the choice of name for their children lest the latter end up being teased or even insulted by others with a wrong name. Just some months ago, the world learnt how a Western couple gave the name ‘Hitler’ to their son, and back in Singapore, we have in our accompany a Singaporean ‘Batman’ while the ‘Batman’ father’s name (Supraman) sound like Superman!

A good name must one, which is meaningful to the bearer of the name, having said this, do you know the meaning of your name? How nice it would be if someone comes up with a sort of encyclopedia on all things related to names: the meaning of names and the origin of names, etc I thought. While surfing the net to find out whether such sites do exist, I found this names site which is really a repository of all things related to names!

The site enables one to find out more about a myriad of names grouped under different categories like Language / Origin , Gender, Location and Thematic. Such features can be useful if one is curious to find out the meaning of the names of his or her friends. Take for example, you have a Russian colleague called ‘Lada’, a search on this name under the Russian category will enlighten you that this name has a mythological theme behind it as it means the mythological goddess of Beauty.

Apart from being a repository of names, readers can also contribute name meaning or meaning of names to the website. Know what your name means? Would like to share with the world what your name means? You can do this great sharing of your name, one of your most important asset that accompanies you in this lifetime on this website!


Dutchie said...

My hubby's name is the same as his dad's n granddad's bec it's a tradition with some families to honour their ancestry this way with each first borns.

It can be confusing at family get-togethers whenever the name is being called - 6 heads will be turning towards the caller - haha !

Hubby used to dread having his mail opened by his dad bec of this name-sake thingy. My MIL told me that she named her 2nd son with the same initials to avoid jealously among the 2 boys. That just adds to more confusion with the mails !

I wonder if presently naming kids with 1 or 2 christian names might be a problem in translating it into chinese ? I used to hv classmates with this predicament.

On a footnote, hubby thinks that chinese names r unique n should be treasured. He is concerned that alot of chinese r discarding their identity by taking on western names.

Singapore Short Stories said...

Thanks Dutchie for your post!

Ya, each character of the Chinese name has a meaning, thus it will be great if all 3 characters of a person's name represents something good!

Nowadays as a sign of modern times, some Chinese ladies are combining their husband's surname together with their, for e.g Tan-Ang as surname (means Tan is surname of Husband, Ang is surname of the wife), it does make some names more confusing rite as well as harder or longer to call... hehe

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