Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Mass food poisoning case in Singapore claims second victim: another death in Geylang Serai Indian Rojak mass food poisoning

Norani Kassim, 59, whom I blogged about yesterday fighting for her life in hospital after eating the Indian Rojak from Geylang Serai which was poisoned has passed away.
Second death in Singapore's latest massive food poisoning case! How an innocous Indian Rojak can kill a normal person! It is not the rojak that kills, it is those deadly virus.
I shudder to think that though we humans are billions of times much bigger than viruses, all it takes is for a single deadly virus, measuring less than nanometres to penetrate into our bodies to wreck havoc!

Meanwhile, Indian rojak stallls in Singapore have been hit by this latest food poisoning case. Its a double whammy for them, as having already been hit by the economic recession, their livelihoods are now broken by some other people who failed to keep their food safe for others.
To foreigners reading this blog, a Rojak is an uniquely Singaporean dish... made up of a fusion of different food, fruits and sauce. You may want to come to try it next time you are here, by then it should be safer.


Dutchie said...

Sad to read abt those innocent victims. I keep track via Todayonline n am still curious where the bacteria did originate.

Last year when our Queen Beatrix went to India for a state visit, the media coined a new phrase for stomach troubles for foreigners in Asia. It's called Dehli Belly - kinda apt, dont u think ? Haha .. of course the indian host will not be amused !

Singapore Short Stories said...

Thanks Dutchie for still following Singapore news even though you are in Holland now!

I am not sure whether you know of or ? Both are quite a good repository of local news!

Anonymous said...

Well, is it Gahmen relax after SARS ? That's why the Perm Sec Tan Yong Soon, of ENV, could take months for Holiday ... and go to Cordon Bleu.....

And that's why now got this ENV problem !

Singapore Short Stories said...

Thanks Anoymous,

Though Perm Sec Tan Yong Soon may have done something for the nation, human nature is such that
Tan Yong Soon will go down in history as the civil servant who flaunts his wealth!

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