Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ink Stamps

I have always written on the quick passage of time and how time and tide waits for no man. It is always good to finish our work fast so that we have more free time to pursue our own interests. It is with this thought that I decide to buy some personalized ink stamps for my work. One just needs to chop the stamp, saving the time that will be involved in the actual writing of the text required.

The personalized ink stamps and psa essentials ink stamp enable one to customize the text he wants on the ink stamps, and there is no other better place to get these ink stamps than at http://www.posylane.com/. Besides offering these attractive ink stamps, the website also sells nam's bits chocolate chip cookies
for chocolate fanatics and lovers.


Dutchie said...

On our way to Sim Lim one afternoon, we came across a stall offering personalised stamp made of jade carving. Hubby was sold on the idea but I thought S$60 was a bit much. First we had to get my bro to help translate his dutch name into chinese. It took a week bec hubby was double checking it with a chinese dictionary to make sure it was accurate. The result was a clear "tofu" (I call it such bec of the square print) signature which is so unique. It did enable him to speed up signing stacks of papers at work !

Singapore Short Stories said...

Last time, Chinese Emperors have those Dragon Seals which symbolise the Power of the Emperor!

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