Sunday, April 12, 2009

Geylang Serai Indian Rojak mass food posioning

Geylang Serai Indian Rojak hogged the headlines these days when 2 people died, one woman miscarriaged and many others hospitalised as a result of eating the poisoned Indian Rojak.
Picture above is a typical Rojak, only in this case, it is a Chinese Rojak. I have personally not tried Indian Rojak as I always love Chinese Rojak. A good Rojak s one which has crispy and hot fried doughsticks, laden with creamy peanut gravy, and a host of other Rojak ingredients such as cucumber and some fruits.
In my personal opinion, the Geylang Serai mass food poisoning case was caused by a 'Rojak' combination of factors. The authorities are still investigating this food poisoning incident though the spotlight of the media seems to focus on rats as a possible culprit. Rats may be the culprit but if we would to zoom in further the issue, we would really note that in the recent years, the rat population in Singapore has really increased! I can just walk around my estate and it is easy to spot a large rat scuttling around in the neighbouring hood into the sewer drains!
The rat population in Singapore has been increasing though it may not be really noticeable due to the secret modus operandi of rats. They often carry out their operations under the guise of darkness and when everyone is not noticing. I believe the increase in rat population stems from the effective control of the stray cat population in Singapore. Poor Cats, many of them were put to sleep or sterlized and when we have fewer cats, it is not hard to deduce that the rat population will increase inevitably!
I believe Singapore should invest in our cats! We should not put the number of cats on our streets down, rather we should have more cats on our streets to kill those rats and in view that Singapore is afterall, a Lion's city, surely we should preserve these cats for the sake of the larger cat (Lion).

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Dutchie said...

Early this sunday easter morning, hubby called out to me to come look at what the cat brought to our doorstep leading to the back garden. Yiks ! a tiny dead mouse ! I told hubby not to flirt with the new neighbour's cat since they moved in 3 weeks ago .. now the cat is being friendly by bringing us this gift *sigh*

The rojak looks yummy btw. Hubby doesnt like the aroma of the "hey-ko" n I hv tried using the rest of the ingredients to make the sauce but it's just not the same :-(

Last evening we had bah-kut-teh from a pack (made in SG !!!) n it was very good ... always a happy meal when we r savouring home cooked SG food :-)

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