Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Geylang Serai Indian Rojak Mass Food Poisoning in Singapore Kills One Woman, Miscarriages Another Woman, Causes Hundreds to be Hospitalised !!!

Singapore experienced one of its worst massive food poisoning cases in recent years when hundreds of customers who patronized the highly rated food stall suffered mass food poisoning. Hundreds were sent to hospital for poison-related symptoms; a woman was killed and another woman miscarriaged as a result of the poisoning. At this time of writing, another lady was fighting for her life in hospital.

I remember the last case of massive food poisoning was the Prima Deli Bread incident, however the magnitude of poisoning was not as great as in the latest case.

I pity the woman who died and the woman who lost her baby as a result of the food poisoning. How could they know that the food they consume was contaminated or even poisoned? They have just gone as usual to eat their favorite dish, Indian Rojak at a popular stall, a stall they have always trusted. Some of those who had eaten the contaminated rojak and survived to tell the ordeal claimed that though they had detected a foul smell in the rojak, they continued eating the rojak anyway. This reminded me of a personal incident which I have also blogged about here last year. I have bought a sugarcane drink as part of our dinner for my Dear and I at Haig Road Hawker Centre, just next to Geylang Serai Hawker Centre where the poisoned rojak stall was located. The sugarcane drink tasted funny and we stopped drinking it immediately. I rue about the waste of my precious money spent on buying this sewage drink. My Dear and I ran to the nearest toilet after our dinner and had diarrhea instantly!

This latest food poisoning has claimed the lives of 2: the old woman and the miscarriaged baby, with another woman fighting for her life in the hospital. Hundreds were hospitalized for poisoning… what a carnage this Indian Rojak incident has caused.

I would like to call this latest mass food poisoning incident as an act of ‘food terrorism’. While Singapore has hundreds of soldiers and policemen protecting key installations, Singapore must always be on its guard for unconventional matter that terrorists can strike us. I am not saying this latest Indian Rojak incident is an act of terrorism, but it can be one of the ways terrorists attack us by poisoning the food we eat and the drinks we consume.

I hope the relevant authorities can investigate thoroughly this latest food poisoning case and prosecute those responsible!

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